every day fruits



Would you be surprised if I told you that I have eaten a frozen fruit blend like this almost every morning for the last 15 years? It's true!. Every day, with the exception of travel days when I did not have access to a vitamix.. 

365 days x 15 years = 5,475 days minus approximately 150 travel days (without a blender)  = 5,325 blended fruit smoothies!

Wow, that sounds like a lot... but I guess these daily things we do really start to add up over time. 

Over the years, I have changed my ingredients but it is basically the same... usually coconut water as my liquid or sometimes chilled rooibos tea + a super green protein powder, navitas naturals cacao powder, (or carob if I feel like something more gentle)  half an avocado and chia seeds + any additional superfood powders like moringa, acai, camu, goji, pomegranate, maca depending on how my body feels...  all blended gently in a vitamix. and then add organic frozen fruits:

my absolute favorite summer combination is apricot+strawberry+mango

or any mixture of organic frozen fruits can be so wonderful : blueberry+raspberry+strawberry+apricot+mango+papaya+blackberry+plum+johannes berry+papaya+kiwi+pineapple+ 

in the photo above, a wintery sugarplum fairy combination of: johannes berry + plum + apricot

My morning routine is to make a cup of tea (red rooibos or tulsi tea are my current favorites) blend the fruits and then sit down with the fruit + tea and eat and drink slowly, alternating between the two and have a few moments to read or listen to a podcast.  My body and digestion have responded beautifully to this routine over the years.  After eating, I never feel weighed down.  

Finding organic frozen fruit in Switzerland is not as easy as walking into any WF store, but we have found that between Al Natura stores and sometimes Migros, we can find most of the ones we like. LeShop.ch is also a great source for home delivery. 

Cacao powders are definitely not all the same... I have tried several different brands of organic cacao and I had to go back to my absolute favorite one: Navitas Organic Cacao Powder. It is less bitter with a soft smooth chocolate flavor + with all of the wonderful beauty boosting nutrients. For Carob Powder, we like Sunfoods Organic Carob.  we order both from Iherb.com our iherb discount code is:  PAC2820, they have a very affordable fee inclusive shipping option. 

Our current favorite Rooibos teas, both Green Rooibos Tea and Red Rooibos Tea are from Port Trading from iherb.com and Organic Tulsi Tea from Organic India, is also available from iherb.com ... if you decide to try it, you are welcome to use our discount code PAC2820 (their sweet rose + holy basil is my second favorite tea;) 

Vitamix Pro Series 750 is the blender I have been using when in Swiss and I have an older Vitamix at home that is now 8 years old and still working beautifully. These are expensive blenders but they are more than worth the money.