Hello and Welcome to sophieiylaeve.com

I'm Sophie, an artist and photographer from Southern California, currently living between my home and Switzerland and traveling with my Swiss friends Lily and HP.

I am a gluten free mostly vegan and lover of animals, flower gardens, churches, castles, mountains, forests, gorgeous blue water and pastel colors.

Gluten Free Vegetarian:  One of my favorite places to be is in the kitchen ~ I love the challenge of creating meals that are healthy and uplifting as well as really wonderful to eat. I have fragile rosacea-prone skin and food sensitivities which lead me to research and experiment with healing through foods.  Out of my deep love and respect for animals, I feel most comfortable as a full time vegan, but I also have some times as an ovo-vegetarian and pescatarian depending on my circumstances or travel. I do not drink any sort of alcohol, instead I love infused waters, herbal teas and I drink a little kombucha daily for the wonderful benefits: GT's lavender love and hibiscus/ginger are my favorites when I am home in the US and I love everything from NYCHA kombucha when I am in Swissland... see what is on my gluten free table...

Adventure Stories: In my late 40s, I began to unravel the life I had known ~ and now at almost 50, through guidance from prayer, my life has come back together into a newly formed shape. My favorite travel adventures involve beautiful and serene nature. With Hallie, Lily and HP, I have seen some gorgeous new places that have taken my breath away. Over the last two years, I have taken over 30,000 photos... I will be posting new stories every day! see the latest adventures...

Art Direction, Design & Photography: Before I started traveling, I worked as an Art Director, Photo Art Director, Designer and Photographer to lovingly promote the products and services of hundreds of clients. My special areas of focus being in: Health & Wellness, Retail, Luxury Homes & Interior Design. I owned my own design firm for 15 years, with my work appearing in LUXE, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Ranch & Coast, San Diego Home & Garden, Ceremony and San Diego Magazine.  

Why do I have ads on my site? After taking two years off from social media, I decided to come back to it and see if I could find a way to do what I absolutely love, which is to share beautiful photographs and stories. At this moment (which could always change) I decided to try using ads on my site. I receive a tiny payment when a viewer "clicks" on ad from my page. And I hope so much that they do not interfere with your online viewing. 

Contact me: I would love to hear from you, please send me a private message through instagram sophie.iyla.eve